Myth: Only older adults are affected by hearing loss.
Fact: 48 million Americans have hearing loss and 2/3 of them are under age 65 years.

Myth: Hearing aids are like glasses.
Fact: Glasses can correct vision to 20/20 and the eyes do not require vision training to see more clearly. Hearing ability can not be restored to 100%. It takes the brain time to adjust to sounds with a hearing aid.

Myth: I don't need hearing aids if I can hear most things.
Fact: Even a mild hearing loss can put you at an increased risk of dementia, falls, depression, and social isolation.

Myth: Hearing aids are ugly and are associated with being disabled.
Fact: Modern hearing aids are small and sleek, some are even invisible. Patients often find that with hearing aids they do not make socially embarrassing mistakes like misunderstanding or talking off topic, which can be more obvious than wearing hearing aids.

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