Aural Rehabilitation

What is Aural Rehabilitation?
Aural Rehabilitation is a patient-focused way to reduce the negative effects of hearing loss on communication, activities, and quality of life through sensory management, instruction, perceptual training, and counseling. We hear with our brains not our ears, so hearing aids alone cannot “cure” hearing difficulties.

Aural Rehabilitation Group Class
We offer a monthly group class that is designed for individuals who are new users but can be helpful for those interested in hearing aids, using over-the-counter devices, or those not yet ready for hearing aids but want some additional help with hearing better.

Auditory Training Therapy
If you are still struggling to hear even with hearing aids, you may benefit from individual treatment. These appointments are more intensive aural rehabilitation and auditory training sessions, which help to retrain your brain to listen in the areas of sound detection, discrimination, identification, and comprehension both in quiet and in background noise. We also offer access to online, self-led training programs such as LACE which are evidence-based to help improve abilities to understand rapid speech and speech in noise.

Home Aural Rehabilitation Therapy
If you struggle to hear in background noise and prefer to be self-motivated at home, we offer access and setup for a phone- and web-based brain training program that addresses several categories such as attention, brain speed, and memory. The program is evidence-based and it is recommended to play the brain games for 30 minutes at least three times a week for best results.