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Welcome to Raleigh Hearing & Tinnitus Center

Your hearing is vital to living life to the fullest. At Raleigh Hearing and Tinnitus Center, our mission is to provide professional, personalized hearing care to every patient. See what other people are saying about us!  

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Our team is here to serve individuals who have become disconnected and frustrated due to their hearing difficulties. The industry is more confusing than ever for the consumer to navigate. It takes a professional who has a passion to help others and a good solid background to be able to program today’s hearing aid technology to meet each individual's personal listening needs.

  • Sheri Mello
    Au.D., F-AAA
    Doctor of Audiology 
  • Saranne Lentz Barker,

    Au.D., F-AAA, CCC-A
    Doctor of Audiology
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    Doctor of Audiology
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    Office Manager
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    MS, MHA
    Billing Administrator
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    Patient Care Coordinator
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    Office Assistant

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Our specialists work closely to diagnose your hearing loss and provide you with the best lifestyle solution. This unique process of better hearing begins with a comprehensive hearing evaluation. Testing your hearing allows us to determine the level of your hearing loss and your ability to understand speech. Following the hearing test, we will meet with you and your family to discuss the solution that’s right for you.






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Our Hearing Solutions

Raleigh Hearing and Tinnitus Center provides hearing solutions that are more powerful, precise and user-friendly than ever before. Our expertise in this state-of-the-art line of hearing aids ensures that our patients are receiving superior comfort, unmatched technology and the best-in-class features. We work with almost all makes and models of hearing aids and participate with most insurance programs.

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Your Hearing Impacts Your General Wellness

The Better Hearing Institute research shows that the sooner you identify and treat a hearing loss, the easier it is for your brain to rewire itself in the areas responsible for hearing and processing sound. Hearing loss impacts many areas of health. It has been associated with an increased risk of depression, dementia, falling, hospitalizations, and it impacts overall physical and mental health.

It is our goal to help you learn more about hearing loss and tinnitus and of course, education on the vast spectrum of options that can help!

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Let us help you hear better and enjoy a better quality of life today! Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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