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Patient of the Month

The following are all posted with patient permission. 

october 2020 patient of the month

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We have chosen Lorri Albrecht for October’s patient of the month!  She has been a part of our family since 2014.  As having mild sharply sloping to a severe high frequency hearing loss she misses a lot in conversations without the use of her hearing aids.  Lorri lives a very active lifestyle and her work is very important to her where she was missing conversations. In her free time she loves to travel and takes part in many different sporting activities.  She was reluctant to get hearing help since her hair is short and she is young and did not want anyone to see that she was wearing hearing aids. She absolutely loves her invisible in the ear hearing aids and has referred her friends to do the same.  She brings life to the office when she is here as she is an avid proponent of hearing your best.   

September 2020 Patient of the Month

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She has been part of the Raleigh Hearing and Tinnitus Center family since 2007 and has followed Dr. Mello when we were located at Raleigh Community Hospital to our location on Durant Road. Susan is a vibrant hard-working mother of two that suffers from severe to profound high frequency hearing loss in both ears and has recently upgraded her 12-year-old behind-the-ear hearing aids to the new Bluetooth rechargeable receiver-in-the-ear technology. We could not be happier for her as she is an active member of her community. Susan says she loves the fact that she can hear her family members and can function at a much higher level at work, home, and with nature. She hears the birds singing, waterfalls, her kids talking, and can understand her customers for a better experience for them. She feels sharper mentally and better overall.

August 2020 Patient of the Month

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Zachary Vaughn was chosen as our patient of the month for August due to his positive attitude and cheerful disposition when visiting our office to treat his hearing loss. He first came to our office last year to get a new hearing aid that had exciting new features such as Bluetooth streaming and rechargeability, and recently returned to our clinic for his matching aid for the other ear. Hearing loss and purchasing hearing aids can sometimes be a stressful experience, but Zachary is always polite and positive!

July 2020 Patient of the Month

Pt of the Month July.jpg

For the month of July, we chose James Quitmeyer. When Mr. Quitmeyer came to our office he too was struggling with our new way of life; wearing masks and not being able to come into the waiting room to prepare for his appointment were just a part of it. Mr. Quitmeyer got a new hearing aid with great new features, like Bluetooth and rechargeability, and he also received a free mask with a clear window. His new hearing aid has made a big difference in how he is able to interact with people, and when he wears his new mask in public, he is supporting other individuals with hearing loss. He has gladly shared with others how his clear mask allows for lipreading and helps others with hearing loss.