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Pricing and Financing Options

  • If purchasing directly with us we offer the most extensive pricing options.
  • Unbundle your services or bundle for a lifetime, you make the decision.
  • During a hearing consult we review your tests results and take an inventory of your lifestyle to determine the best solution for you. We have treatment options that fit every budget.
  • We are contracted with entities that manage hearing healthcare benefits for major insurance companies. Check your benefits plan for entities with names like:
    • American Hearing Benefits
    • Amplifon formerly Hear PO
    • EPIC/ Audient
    • Hear.Com
    • Hear in America
    • Hearing Care Solutions
    • Hi Health Innovations
    • Tru Hearing
  • If you demonstrate financial need you may qualify for a free hearing aid through contracts that we have with:
    • Hear Now ( Starkey Hearing Foundation)
    • DSDHH ( Department of Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing of North Carolina)
  • If you are in possession of hearing aids that can no longer be of use; we are a collection site for a donation program. This program collects donated hearing aids and uses their parts to provide hearing to those served by the Starkey Hearing Foundation.